Enhanced Care Clinics

Enhanced Care Clinics (ECC’s) are specially designated Connecticut based mental health and substance abuse clinics that serve adults and/or children. They provide routine outpatient services such as individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication management, coordination of care with primary care physicians, and other special services for CT BHP members.

ECC’s must also be able to meet special requirements starting with access and the ability to see clients in a timely fashion depending on their level of urgency. Some examples are as follows:

  • The capability to see clients with emergent needs within two hours.
  • The capability to see clients with urgent needs within two days.
  • The capability to see clients with routine needs within two weeks.
  • Extended coverage outside of normal business hours.

The overall goal of the Enhanced Care Clinics initiative is to provide adults and children who are seeking behavioral health services and supports with improved timeliness of access to behavioral health care as well as improved quality of care.

Interactive ECC Map

For further information on the Enhanced Care Clinics, contact the CT BHP Call Center at 877-552-8247.