As an innovator and partner in behavioral health and wellness service delivery and oversight, Beacon Health Options CT, the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) of the CT Behavioral Health Partnership (CT BHP) is pleased to provide customized and effective solutions that our members, clients and providers require. The CT BHP is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of behavioral health services, to simplify access to those services and to make the system more efficient and accountable through:

Provider Services/Supports

  • Bypass Programs: Inpatient Provider Bypass Programs relieve the administrative burden of frequent concurrent reviews by authorizing longer initial lengths of stay for those providers that meet access, readmission and length of stay criteria.
  • Rapid Response Team: The Rapid Response Team is comprised of member(s) of the Department of Social Services, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Beacon Health Options CT, the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) and Gainwell Technologies, the fiscal agent for CT Medicaid. The Rapid Response Team works to proactively resolve intricate billing/authorization matters and identify possible systematic issues. Team efforts include special projects, provider inquiries, provider outreach/education and information sharing.
  • Training/On-site Visits: Provider Relations staff and Regional Network Managers are available to the provider network to train provider staff members on CT BHP web systems, present overviews of the Partnership and its’ programs/initiatives, review utilization data/reports as well as provide consultation related to CT BHP policies, procedures and programmatic opportunities related to quality and access.

Member Services/Supports

  • Intensive Care Management: Some members will be referred to intensive care management services when they meet criteria established by the CT BHP. Intensive care management refers to specialized care management techniques that are available to members at risk who are encountering barriers to effective care.
  • Adult and Family Peer Specialists: Peer Specialists are individuals with l ived experience, meaning they have experienced a mental health and/or substance use disorder or cared for a family member who has, and they have moved through the behavioral health care system. Peer Specialists use their knowledge of the system and their personal recovery to provide hope that recovery is possible. Adult Peer Specialists work with adults, sharing their story of recovery to assist individuals in connecting with services and engage in a recovery process of their choice. Family Peer Specialists focus their work on the family, providing support, locating non-traditional services and connecting to community resources. Adult and Family Peer Specialists are here to help HUSKY Health members through hard timesess.
  • Customer Service: Customer Service staff are the front line communication source helping to navigate HUSKY Health members, service providers, and the community through the CT BHP system. We value our customers and welcome the opportunity to share information on a daily basis. Customer Service Representatives help to: triage all routine inbound calls, conduct Provider, Intensive Care Management, and Peer Referrals, assist members with scheduling appointments, verify member eligibility, share external resource information, document complaints and grievances, assist with transportation needs for behavioral health appointments, and advise members or their rights and responsibilities.

Innovative Technological Supports

  • Enhanced Web Systems: Web-enabled services such as registration of services that do not require clinical review, on-line provider look up, provider and member ReferralConnect systems and case management planning provide the infrastructure required for a fully integrated system of care that reduces administrative burdens for providers.
  • IntelligenceConnect: A milestone of the CT BHP’s Provider Analysis and Reporting (PARs) program, IntelligenceConnect is a web based portal that allows inpatient providers to access and review utilization and performance data in real time. Currently, the web based system offers inpatient providers the ability to sort their utilization data by age, DCF status, gender and to compare their performance with other hospitals treating similar populations.
  • Achieve Solutions: An internet library available to providers, members and family members that offers practical and easily accessible behavioral health information, including news articles, links to local and national resources and assistance with managing life events in both English and Spanish.